The tomb of Meryre


The tomb of  “Meryre” in not only considered one of the largest tombs discovered of ancient Egypt, the tomb is also considered one of the most preserved tomb from the old era of ancient Egypt . The tomb was discovered in “Tal el Amarna” in south Egypt and represents an exotic type of architecture and was professionally designed with a lot of details which usually means a high rank of the tomb owner who is believed to be pharaoh “Meryre”. Although “Meryre” was not a royal family member, his position as a high priest of temple Aton is most likely the reason why he was buried as a king and in a royal tomb. Archaeologists couldn’t find an explanation why the tomb was never finished although “Meryre” had stayed in his position as a high priest of Aten temple for almost seven years which should be more than enough to get the job done on such a tomb. The unfinished work of “Meryrit” tomb remains a mystery.

The main chamber room was erected on four beautiful big columns which are taking the shape of the lotus flower. On the right hand wall, some curved colored scenes picturing the god Akhenaten casting some golden ornaments to the king “Meryre” while on the left hand wall, colored scenes representing the king “Meryre” on his chariot driving to the temple of Aten from his palace and followed by the queen, the princess and a big number of his personal guards.






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