The tomb of King Aye

Tomb of Aye

The tomb of king Aye was discovered in 1816 by Italian archaeologist “Bezoni” who curved his name and the discovery date of the tomb on one of the tombs entrance however, the tomb wasn’t completely excavated until 1908 by American archaeologist Howard Carter who cleared the tomb with his team in the same year. The tomb was discovered in the valley of the kings on the west bank of Luxor city in south Egypt , the tomb has become very popular because it is very similarin design to the tomb of king Tut which is the most popular tomb ever discovered in the ancient Egyptian history and most likely was designed by the same artist. Archaeologists suggest that the tomb was originally built for king Tut however, because of his unexpected sudden death before finishing the work on this tomb, king Tut was buried in another finished tomb few miles away from what is known now by the tomb of Aye.
The tomb of Aye is somehow different in design from the rest of the royal tomb during this era, it has a more simple design with only few decorations on the wall of the burial chamber which represen scenes from the book of death in Ancient Egypt. Additionally, few funerary equipment were discovered in the tomb and also a small number of fragments. The mummy of king Aye was never discovered and was most likely stolen or destroyed few hundred years ago by the tombs robbers as suggested by most archaeologists.


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