The temple of queen Nefertari

Temple of Nefertari

The temple of queen Nefertari is located to the north of the temple of her husband and the greatest pharaoh king in the ancient Egyptian history “Ramses” the second in the city of Luxor in south Egypt, the temple was built by King Ramses the second who devoted it to his wife and was mainly dedicated to the goddess Hathor who was worshiped by the Egyptian royal families around this time of the new kingdom era. The word ”Nefertari” in the ancient Egyptian language means the beautiful companion and so suggested the archaeologists that queen Nefertari was the first and the most beloved wife to King Ramses and she was the only one of his several wives who was pronounced as the queen of Egypt. Additionally, the tomb of Queen Nefertari which was discovered in 1904 was the largest and the most spectacular tomb ever discovered for any female of the Egyptian royal families.
The temple is smaller and more simple indeed than the great temple of the king and includes only one hypo style hall with colored scenes on the walls representing the king Ramses the second in a battle with the presence of his wife queen Nefertari. While on the back walls, some scenes of queen Nefertari in front of goddess Hathor who was worshiped by the royal Egyptian families at this time of the new kingdom era .




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