The temple of “Kalabsha”

Temple of Kalabsha 1

The temple of” Kalabsha” was built on the west side of the Nile river 50 kilo meters to the south of Aswan city in south Egypt. With dimensions of 76 meters long and 22 meters wide, the temple in considered one of the largest free standing temples in south Egypt. The temple was built by king Thutmose the third almost 30 B.C during the Romanian era and some more work to the temple was added twenty years later by his son Amenhotep the second, the entire building is made of Nubian sand stone and was dedicated to the Nubian god “Merul”.

Because the Construction of the temple started during the early Romanian era and during the rule of the Roman Emperor Augustus, The temple represents a unique combination of imagery that represents Egyptian and Roman themes showing images of Roman emperors and pharaohs worshiping with the Egyptian gods. The temple was relocated with other ancient Egyptian temples during building the high dam in Egypt in 1970 by the UNESCO , the temple in now located in and island of New Kalabsha south of Aswan and is only accessible by boat .

The temple contains a small exotic chapel dedicated to Goddess “Hathor” and facing the lake which gives it a wonderful view. The temple also has four average size obelisks with the face of “Hathor” curved on them.




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