The step pyramid of Saqqara

Saqqara Egypt

The step pyramid of Saqqara was erected at Saqqara which is located in Giza city few miles away from Cairo 4700 years ago by king “Zoser” who ruled Egypt from 2630 to 2611 B.C during the third dynasty of the ancient Egyptian history and archaeologists estimated the time required to finish the pyramid by almost 15 years. Saqqara is believed to be the burial ground for many royal family members in ancient Egypt during this time. The first pyramid was designed by the great architect “Imhotip” who was the only architect in the ancient Egyptian history to be honored by curving his name on the base of the king statues, “Imhotep” is believed to be the greatest architect ever in the ancient Egyptian history . The pyramid consists of six levels of decreasing sizes stones and on top of each other. The step pyramid is considered the first pyramid ever in the Egyptian history, the pyramid is 204 feet high and is considered the highest monument during it’s time and for almost few hundred years .The pyramid is one part of a complex that covers almost 40 acres and include some other temples, shaples and court yards. The burier chamber was discovered beneath the pyramid and was well hidden using amaze of tunnels to conceive the robbers.




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