The Ramesseum temple complex

The Ramesseum

The Ramesseum temple complex was built by King Ramses the second who is known as the last great pharaoh of Egypt during the new kingdom era. King Ramses ruled Egypt for almost sixty years form 1269 B.C to 1213 B.C. and he was well known for being both a great warrior and a great builder . The Ramesseum temple complex is situated in the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt on the west bank of the river Nile. Archaeologists suggest that the work on this complex  had continued for almost twenty years.

At the front of the temple, there are two huge statues representing the king Ramses and a palace was built on the left side of the complex with a big window facing to the temple which the king was apparently using to greet his people during the religious occasions and present gifts to them. At the far back of the complex, there are few huge storage rooms which archaeologists believe that they were being used mainly to store grain and corn. The complex also contains a pylon at the entrance of the temple with curved colored images on it showing scenes for the battle of “Kadesh” which is one of the most popular battles in the ancient Egyptian history where king Ramses defeated the “Hettitis” and was leading the battle from his chariot. Additionally, the complex contains two court yards and a hypo style hall. Although not a lot of remains left from this complex, the Ramses temple complex gained popularity by being built by one of the greatest pharaohs ever who was always considered the most important figure in the royal families of ancient Egypt.




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