The colossi of Memmnon

One of Colossi of Memnon just before dawn


The colossi of Memmnon are two massive statutes in a seated position made of sand  stone and were erected in 1350 B.C near the city of Luxor in south Egypt by pharaoh Amenhetep the third. Both statues are considered on of the main attractions on the west bank of river Nile in Luxor . Each statue is almost 18 meters in height and weigh almost 720 tons , the two statues are almost fifteen meters a part. Archaeologists believe that the statues were erected initially to stand as guards at the entrance of the temple of king “Amenhitep” which was covering almost 35 hectares making it the largest temple in Egypt at the time however, the remains of this temple are very limited and includes these two statues which are relatively damaged .

Both statues are relatively damaged due to bad weather and few earth quacks that occurred over few centuries . A mysterious story about the statues was that long ago, the statues used to create a moaning sound when the sun ray hits the statues every day in the morning , this moaning was believed to be the sound of the king calling his mother however, archaeologists believe that this sound disappeared during an attempt of the Romans to repair the statues. Not far from the statues, there are other smaller statues for two headless lion sphinx and also a smaller sphinx in a crocodile shape.





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