The unfinished obelisk


The unfinished obelisk was discovered in Aswan in south Egypt where is believed to be its original location, the obelisk is almost 42 meter high and 1200 ton weight which makes it the largest obelisk built in the ancient Egyptian history. Archaeologists believe that the work on the work on this obelisk has stopped at some point and it was never completed due to some visible cracks which appeared on the surface of the granite stone of the obelisk while craftsmen were working on it therefore, the pharaoh ordered the builders to stop working on it when they were almost done and the obelisk was never erected since then and it’s still lying down on the ground in its original location near the city of Aswan. If it was to be erected, Archaeologists believe that the unfinished obelisk would have been the largest the highest and the heaviest ancient Egyptian monument ever existed as it’s at least 10 meters higher than the highest finished obelisk ever discovered so far which currently stands in the Italian capital “Rome”.

The unfinished work on this obelisk provide some very rare and important information about the techniques , the stages and the tools used by the ancient Egyptian artisans and craftsmen during this time , it also provided archaeologists with some important information on where most obelisks were created and the obelisks erection techniques. Archaeologists couldn’t find any evidence to provide information about the pharaoh who built this obelisk or where it meant to be erected if the work was ever finished .





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