The town of royal tombs builders

workers-village-2The town of royal tombs builders or “Deir Al madina” workmen village was discovered in the city of Luxor in the south side of Egypt, the town used to be the home for artisans, craftsmen and builders for the royal tombs of ancient Egypt between 1550 – 1080 B.C . Most houses in the town are identical in design and made of mud bricks, a typical house will usually consist of four to seven rooms  and all houses are lined up to one side of the main street.  Archeologists couldn’t verify exactly when this town was built however,some bricks found in the original wall were stamped with the name of king Tuthmose but there is no other evidences of him building the town .The town of royal tomb builders was discovered by  Archaeologist Bernard Bruyere in 1922 few months after discovering the tomb of king Tut . The site became one of the most important discoveries in the ancient Egyptian history because it reveals a lot of the secrets about the builders of the royal tombs in ancient Egypt ; their social life and also the working and living conditions around this era of the Egyptian history, the site is also important because it captures the life of a large social class in the Egyptian society for almost four hundred years .




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