The tomb of king Seti

she402ed.88819_mdThe tomb of king pharaoh Seti was discovered in October 1817 by the Italian archaeologist “Giovvani Battista” in the valley of the kings few days after discovering the tomb of king Ramsses who is believed to be king Seri’s father . The tomb became very popular because it’s considered the largest and deepest tomb discovered every in ancient Egypt history and probably in the history of mankind, the tomb is also considered a significant evidence of the high achievements in art and construction during this period, the decoration of this particular tomb was more refined and paints were more colorful . King Seti was the king of Egypt for almost thirteen years during 1291 – 1278 B.C as a successor to his father, king Ramssess who was one of the most popular pharaohs ever . the tomb is not the only amazing construction project during the era of king Seti, Archeologists believe that other remarkable projects were also completed during this time such as the temple of Abydos . unfortunately, the mummy of the king was not discovered inside the tomb however, it was found few decades later in the valley of the kings and was very well preserved and almost in a perfect condition .







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