King Khuphu’s ship

Khufu shipKing Khuphu’s ship was discovered in 1954 in Egypt in the same area of the great pyramids complex .With dimensions of 143 feet long and 19 feet wide,  the ship has become very popular because it’s considered the oldest and largest hand made ship discovered and might be also the biggest handmade structure ever discovered. The ship is made of cedar wood and Archeologists estimated the time taken to build this ship was at least twenty years, It’s not certain why exactly the shop was built for however, most Gynecologists believe that it was built mainly for religious purposes and specifically to help transport the soul of king Khufu to his after life as ancient Egyptians believed, archeologists also believe that the ship was already used at least once before and most likely this was during transporting the dead body of the king from Memphis where he died to Giza where he was buried in the valley of the kings with the rest of the royal pharaohs families as was common at this time in ancient Egypt .Currently, King Khuphu’s ship is displayed for public in king Khufu boats museum in Giza, Egypt which was built in 1982 .




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