Lake Qarun mystery treasures

Lake Qarun “Berket Qarun” is located in the south west of Cairo in El Fayoum governorate and is the only contemporary natural lake in central Egypt; Lake Qarun is also the second largest lake in Egypt after Lake Naser in Aswan south Egypt. Scientist claim that Qarun lake is at least 8000 years old, Lake Qarun used to be way larger than its current size and it encompassed the entire current area of Al Fayoum governorate at some point, the lake  is believed to be named after one of the richest pharaohs during the old kingdom era “Qarun” who was mentioned in the holy books “Quraan and Bible”. Not far from Qarun Lake, there is the remains of a huge ancient building which is believed to be the palace of Pharaoh Qarun.

Over the years, a lot of mysteries and stories have been associated with that lake however, the most interesting story of them is that this lake and the nearby palace belonged to pharaoh Qarun who is believed to live in Egypt around the same time when Moses was born and people believed that  the man “Qarun” had the recipe of changing any metal to gold and he was one the richest people ever exist as mentioned in some holy books and that Qarun was flooded to this lake with all his treasures, mansions and possessions as a punishment from god for his sins .




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