The tomb of king Tut

king tutThe tomb of king Tut (Tutankhamun’s tomb) is well known as the best preserved royal tomb discovered ever and was almost intact when it was first discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, The tomb of king Tut might not be the grandest tomb discovered but with a collection with almost 3500 pieces and a wonderful pure gold mask of the king Tut, the tomb has become the most well-known tomb discovered ever for mankind. The tomb was discovered by the American archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922 after working in the valley of kings for almost five years looking for the royal tomb. King Tut was the youngest pharaoh king ever in ancient Egypt as he was only almost nine years old when he became the king of Egypt. Scientists believe that king Tut was murdered at the age of 19 when he received a hard hit on the back of his head. Three archaeologists who assisted in discovering king Tut tomb died within few months after their discovery, one of them died from a mosquito bite that became infected causing him to die. Some scientists blamed it on the curse of the royal tombs while some others are trying to find some down to earth causes for this curse so, the blame it on some sort of bacteria, fungi or poison that they claim royal ancient Egyptians tend to keep in their tombs to attack anyone who gets in to their tomb causing death however, no scientific evidence for this claim has been proven.




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