Obelisks in ancient Egypt


The term “Obelisk” originally came from the Greek word “Obelos”  which usually refers to the characteristic monuments of ancient Egypt, an obelisk is usually a high four sides monument that is placed upright and tapered in a pyramid shape with pointed up ending, it’s usually made from one large granite stone. Archaeologists believe the first obelisk ever came out during the old kingdom era  then followed with some identical design obelisks which used to be stubby and shorter than the obelisks erected during the new kingdom era , obelisks were usually placed in the entrance of the temples with colored scenes on their sides to represent the pharaoh’s deeds, obelisks were usually placed in pairs and most of them were plated in gold . Archaeologists believe that the main purpose of erecting obelisks was to show stability and creative force by good.

It’s believed that hundreds of obelisks were built and erected by the ancient Egyptians over the years and specially during the new kingdom era where the obelisks design became higher and better designed however, there are only 28 of these obelisks were discovered and most of them in a good condition and almost intact, only 8 of these remaining obelisks are still in Egypt while the rest are spread all over the world; New York, Paris and even in Rome. The highest obelisk was found in the city of Luxor in south Egypt however, the work was not complete on it for some reason.





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