Karnak temple


Karnak temple is located in the city of Luxor in south Egypt, it was built by king Ramses the second who is one of the greatest and most popular king of ancient Egypt during what is called the old kingdom era and ruled Egypt between 1391 and 1351 B.C, he dedicated the building of this temple to God Amun. The temple is the second most visited ancient site in Egypt after the great pyramids of Giza in terms of number of visitors every year and is considered the largest temple of ancient Egypt history and probably the largest template complex ever made by humankind.

The temple complex consists of three main temples; temple Mut, Temple Montu and temple Amun which is the largest temple and  is 61 acres alone, the most significant thing about this temple is the colorful scenes on its walls that reveals a lot of secrets about the pharaohs life during this time through picturing the battles between the kings and the enemies and also pictures of the royal family visiting the temple and interacting with public, the temple also contains 6 beautiful pylons, one is which still partially gold plated .






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