Curse of pharaohs

hl-ancient-egypt-board-gamesIt’s believed that the term “curse of pharaohs” first came up during the seventh century when the Arabs arrived to Egypt as they weren’t able to read the ancient Egyptian language and everything seemed mysterious to them specially after many of them were killed or injured during digging and excavating ancient Egyptian sites looking for gold, jewels and treasures, they believed that anyone who enter a royal tomb will be exposed to death, illness or disasters and they also believed that if a person can survive that curse, this  will make him more powerful .

When French Egyptologist interpreted the ancient Egyptian language (Hieroglyphic) during the 18th century, almost one sentence was written on the door of all royal tombs “Death shall come on swifts to him who disturbs the peace of the king”. The most popular story of Pharaohs curse is king Tut tomb’s curse where three archaeologists who assisted in discovering king Tut tomb died within few months after their discovery, one of them died from a mosquito bite that became infected causing him to die. Scientists are trying to find some down to earth causes for this curse so, some scientists blame it on some sort of bacteria, fungi or poison that they claim royal ancient Egyptians tend to keep in their tombs to attack any one who gets in to their tomb causing death however, no scientific evidence for this claim has been proven.



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