Valley of the Kings


Valley of the kings is located in Upper Egypt on the western bank of Nile River few miles away from Cairo the capital of Egypt and near the city of Thebes (Luxor) which was considered the political and religious capital of Ancient Egypt during the new kingdom era. The valley of kings was considered the royal burial ground of royal pharaoh families in ancient Egypt during the new kingdom era which extends for almost five hundred years form 15th century to 10th century B.C.

Almost 63 tombs have been discovered in the valley of kings so far including King Tut tomb which is the most popular tomb in the history of ancient Egypt and was one of the few tombs that weren’t reached by the robbers before discovered, these tombs really helped the scientists and the Egyptologists study the life and death believes of ancient Egyptians and revealed details about their day to day life. Most tombs are different in shape and size and a tomb could be as simple as one room or it may go up to 127 rooms. Scientists believe that there are a lot of tombs to discover in the valley of kings since the ancient Egyptians tend to hide their tombs very well to protect them from thieves.




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