Luxor Temple


Luxor temple is located in south Egypt in the centre of the city of Luxor and was built during the 14th century B.C by pharaoh Amenhotep the ninth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, the temple was dedicated to the god Amun or the sun god as most ancient Egyptians believed at the time, scientists believe king Tutu and king Horemheb also added some statues and columns to the temple many years after it was constructed and the temple was also used for several years and during the Christian era of ancient Egypt as a church and the remains of this church still exist at the west side of the temple.

The temple was buried under the streets and houses of the city of Luxor for hundreds of years and eventually the mosque of Abu al-Hajjaj was built over it however, when the temple was uncovered, this mosque was kept and forms a part of the current site today.




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