Uncovering secrets of Sphinx


The Sphinx of Giza is a large sculpture carved from a single natural rock and in the shape of a creature with a human head and a body of lion, the dimensions of the statue are 240 feet long and almost 66 feet high which makes it the greatest sculpture in the ancient world, the sphinx is located in the heart of Giza city few miles away from Cairo and to the south of great pyramid of Giza. The scientists believe that the sphinx was initially built to be a guard for the pyramids and to protect them from bad spirits and from thieves.
Egyptologists believe that the sphinx was built during the 4th dynasty by King Khafre however, this has not been confirmed yet. Egyptologists also believe that for few hundred years, the statue of sphinx was covered with sand up to the nick before French Egyptologist Emil Baraize cleared the sand from around its body in a process that took over 10 years from 1925 to 1936.
The body of the statue is in a better shape than the face which is badly damaged and also missing a nose. The sphinx has been repaired many times over the centuries and lately in the 1980s the Egyptian government with the help of international supreme council of antique launched a project to renovate the left shoulder of the sphinx and to prevent further deterioration of the statue .






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