The great pyramid of Giza


The great pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of ancient world and the only one that is still largely impact with relatively minor damage to it, the pyramid was built by king Khufu almost 4500 years ago during what is known as the old kingdom era of ancient Egypt and is located in Giza city, the pyramid was built along with three other smaller pyramids that were dedicated to Khufu’s wives. It took almost 20 years to complete building the great pyramid and almost 20,000 workers to get the project done, the pyramid is made of massive stone blocks each is at least 2 tons however, scientists couldn’t figure out yet how ancient Egyptians were able to move these massive blocks around and left them this high as the ancient Egyptians tend to leave no document or bardies explaining how this job was done as if they wanted to keep it secret. Pyramids were built to represent eternity as ancient pharaoh believed in life after death and usually tend to keep their personal valuable items with their dead bodies (mummies) in their tombs to help then in their next life.

The great pyramid was designed so that it maintain a constant interior temperature at 20 degree which is the average temperature of the earth and the mortar used to build the pyramids is not known yet . Finally, the pyramid was totally covered with polished granite when it was first built to reflect sunlight and make the pyramid shine and look like a jewel .




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